Thursday, May 7, 2009

summeri nguatemala

summer in guatemala is very nicer than minnesota because the weather is really nice in guatemala the trees, plants are green all time and winter and summer guatemala is called spring eternal summer in minnesota is very warmer than guatemala sometimes you can not work outside because is too hot you can go to the lakes to swim.

fall in Mexico

about in Mexico when come fall in Mexico sometimes is a little bit cold there is a lot windy the trees change the leaves in color yellow and fall down

spring in minnesota

We write about the spring season in minnesota prity good because we see many plants grow up and the trees,flowers and grasses sprout.the grasses and leaves turn green and 90%of people like spring because not too much rainning not hot the weather is so so.

fall in minnesota and Thailand

My name is wah wah say.Now i live in minnesota. I want to tell you about fall season in minnesota. When the fall time the leaves change and fall so many America people happy and ready for winter. And in Thailand this time very hot many Thailand people go to the water fall and swim and eat party together and they ready for the farm and to plant.

winter in thailand

In thailand courty. When is the winter time. We feel happy because is winter time is not too could. And many windy come
And we feel a little bit could. And nature are very beautiful
The three have diffierent colour. In the morning the mist come
everywhere so we see the very prety in our courty.
tuesday & khin than ye.

summer in minnesota and burma.

We have four season in minnesota.Summer,Fall, Winter, and Spring.Summer is a hottest season the day and night are worm sometime raing too. You can see fruits and vegetables growing in the garden, you can see leaves on the trees very nice.

In burma we have three season hot rain and cold season . summer time is too hot and tree leaves are fall down, some plants are die because we have no enought water for the plants. some small river are no water. some people are fishing in the big river.Thank you from Ngae lay, and Wah eh.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cristmas of mexico.

Im goin to talk about Mexico crismas we celebrety our cristmas in decimbre 24 we have a party with family we try to the whole family olso friends but mostly our family we drink beers wine only the older people we have some food like tostadas posole tamales ponche we break pinatas also gifts that we share to all people at home.